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Hot frybread from Val’s.
Val’s Frybread


Where to Buy Food From Local, Indigenous-Owned Businesses in Arizona

From fry bread to beans to grass-fed beef, these eight businesses are worth supporting

Arizona is home to 22 federally recognized American Indian tribes and has the most tribal land of any state in the nation. The region, which islocated on ancestral landsof the Hohokam, O’odham, Apache, Diné,Xawiƚƚ kwñchawaay, Piipaash, Hualapai, Jumano, and Hopi, is inextricably linked in culture and identity to those Indigenous traditions as well as the impact of European settlers on those nations. And, because of this, it’s important that American Indian organizations define and trademark their cultural heritage and contributions — especially when it comes to food.

种族间的农业委员会创建American Indian Foods1998年,目的是当地拥有和经营业务的商标。该认证可确保由联邦认可部落的成员制造或生产产品。这样做,它保证了产品的真实性并保护本机企业和消费者。


Valene Hatathlie, owner of Val’s Frybread in Scottsdale, also receives certification from American Indian Foods, and notes that the program helps her small, woman-owned business network with other similar companies around the world. “It also gave me the infrastructure to sell internationally,” she says.

会员资格也有助于支持部落。一些业务,即使在他们的纳西比亚,也向这样的程序捐赠了时间和金钱Navajo&Hopi家庭Covid-19救济基金and theNational Indigenous Women’s Resource Center, which provides support and resources to American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian women who have experienced domestic violence. The ranches, farms, and fisheries also employ sustainable practices to protect the land, water, and animals. To get a true taste of the American Southwest and support Native-owned, AIF-certified businesses, here’s a guide to eight excellent local food businesses worth supporting.

Navajo MikeSouthwestern ingredient-flavored barbecue sauces.
Navajo Mike

Navajo Mike的烟熏刺梨烤肉烤肉酱

Tempe-based Navajo chef Michael John wanted to create a taste of the Southwest and, when his restaurant shut down during the pandemic, he finally got his shot, creating a barbecue sauce using prickly pear, the epitome of regional flavor. He does all the work from cooking to bottling his three flavors: smoked prickly pear, Skinwalker (spicy), and Skoden Golden (mustard). Customers can pick up the sauces through the companywebsite.

Native Ground Coffee

由冬季木材(Onk Akimel O'odham)拥有,本土地面提供单身咖啡和植物茶。红山溃疡,晨闹烤,箭头培养基和雷鸟暗烤炉,有12盎司或2磅袋,全豆或地面。本土地区还提供了10%,三个或四周间隔的订阅服务,折扣10%。订阅折扣适用于其四种类型的植物咖啡因茶,14.5盎司的挎包订购。

Val’s Frybread

Val’s Frybread

As a Navajo woman, one of the skills the family wants you to learn is how to make fry bread. But perfecting fry bread is not an easy feat. Enter Valene Hatathlie. She came up with a mix that anyone can combine with water to make fry bread at home. Those who live in the Valley can also go straight to the source during her pop-ups to try Val-made fry bread. If you live far, even as far as Canada, shop在线的for the mix and the grill.

Ramona Farms

Located on the Gila River Indian Reservation, Ramona Button inherited a family farm from her parents. The farm is significant for bringing back the almost extinct bafv or tepary beans from a few seeds Button’s father had left behind. The beans are packed full of flavor and nutrients. Aside from heirloom tepary beans, Ramona Farms offers ancient grains and heritage corn. The products are sold through several shops in the Valley. Check the website for purchasing options, recipes, and to order在线的.

Mesquite pods.
圣Xavier Cooperative Farm

圣Xavier Co-op Farm

圣泽尔位于图森,根据这五项原则的Tohono O'odham的生活方式进行了操作:尊重土地,水的神圣,尊重长老,尊重动物,以及尊重植物。农场不使用化学杀虫剂或肥料来培养其Cholla芽,面粉,Sonoran Wheatberries和面粉以及O'odham豌豆。它的野生收获计划为社区提供了关于Sonoran沙漠收获,烹饪和保护的教育。参观8100南奥德克沃克或商店的农场在线的.

Cows in a green field on a sunny day.
这ranch specializes in hormone- and antibiotic-free grass-fed beef.
Liston Ranch

Litson Ranch

Litson由Navajo(Diné)女性和第四代牧场主拥有和运营。牧场在保留土地的同时提供激素和抗生素的草蹄牛肉。这websiteoffers a wide variety of products including offal. Custom cuts are also available.

Bravo & Sons

Bravo & Sons is a group of fourth- and fifth-generation ranchers who sustainably raise grass-fed Beefmaster cross cows in northwest Arizona on the Hualapai Reservation. They sell whole, half, or quarter beef as well as 10- or 20-pound burger boxes. Order在线的并选择拾取或送货。为那些居住在牧场的70英里范围内的人提供免费。

Naknek Family Fisheries

This family-owned fishing company has been sustainably fishing sockeye salmon in Bristol Bay for six generations. The primary distribution site is in Tucson, “their winter home.” Four products are available: Fresh gutted salmon with the head attached, fresh or frozen salmon fillets, smoked sockeye or keta (chum) salmon, and shelf-stable smoked or canned salmon products. Purchase在线的或者致电(520)488-9814,以获得可用性和定价。对于那些住在图森并被犯罪挑战的人来说,5 Points Market & Restaurant在它的烟熏三文鱼本章中使用Naknek Salmon。

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