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Eater at Home

Eater at Home

The Best Tortilla Chips for Nachos Are Vista Hermosa Totopos

An Espresso-Chocolate Chunk Cookie Cake Recipe That’s an Instant Mood Booster

How I Got My Job: Creating Weeknight Recipe Faves for Top Publications and Writing a Cookbook

This Recipe for Roasted Potatoes With Bagna Cauda Is a Buttery, Garlicky Revelation

One-Hour Texas Chili Is the Key to This Crispy, Beefy Frito Pie Recipe

This Togarashi-Hot Honey Fried Chicken Recipe Is a Win for Your Super Bowl Party

Fear and Loathing in Your Home Kitchen

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The Best Dip Recipes, According to Eater Editors

When an elaborate dinner isn’t in the cards, a big dip with crusty bread or crackers is just as good — if not better

Comfort Pasta Is Only Three Ingredients Away

A Peanut-Braised Chicken With Coconut Carolina Rice Recipe to Warm the Soul

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Garum

This Oysters and Grits in Bourbon Brown Butter Recipe Is an Exercise in Simple Decadence

A Sunny Key Lime Cake Recipe to Chase Away the January Blues

It’s a New Year. Cook Whatever You Want.

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Get the Story Behind South Florida’s Food History and Restaurant Scene With These Books

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    Eater at Home for the Holidays

    All the recipes, tips, and tricks to make this season merry and bright

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    A Hearty Southern Bouillabaisse Recipe, Just in Time for Winter

    In West Bengal, Date Palm Jaggery Is a Winter Delicacy. It’s Also in Danger of Extinction.

    Valued for its seasonality and hyperlocal terroir, the beloved natural sweetener is facing an array of threats, from urbanization to climate change

    A Creamy, Spicy Pasta Recipe Made With Shin Ramyun Seasoning

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    To Avoid Holiday Baking Burnout, Be Your Own Prep Cook

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    This Festive Guava-Cream Cheese Thumbprint Cookie Recipe Puts a Cuban Spin on a Holiday Classic

    How to Stock Your Pantry for Soup Season

    Rotisserie Chicken Is the Best Home-Cooked Meal You Don’t Actually Have to Cook

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    13 Cookbooks by Atlanta Chefs You Need in Your Kitchen

    Irish Cream Deserves Your Respect

    Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Persimmons

    With their honeyed flavor and jammy texture, luscious persimmons are some of the best seasonal eating known to humankind

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    A Tender Cardamom Coconut Sweet Potato Bread Recipe That Tastes Like the Holiday Season

    Does That Crazy Sheet Pan Waving Trick on the ‘Great British Bake-Off’ Actually Work?

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    How to Make a Gorgeously Lacquered Chinese-American Thanksgiving Turkey With Cantonese Sticky Rice Stuffing

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    A Green Bean Casserole Recipe Whose Secret Weapon Is Dashi Powder

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    To Make the Best Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich, Do a Little Proactive Hoarding

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    A Teriyaki Carrots Recipe That’s as Satisfying As It Is Simple


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